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Where to start?

Posted by leechurchill on August 5, 2013 at 5:10 AM Comments comments (0)
Day one of the L.T Churchill photography Blog.

Seeing as this is my very first blog post (Ever) I tought I would write a bit about my tag line and what the story is behind it.
My tag line "Life is how you capture it" goes back to 2007 when I really started taking photography seriously, I used to see people with slogans that in my opinion didn't really match what they were doing, so I though the Life is how you capture it to be a very fitting slogan for me as my photos are of places,people and family that have been part of my life and continue to be so.
I  prefer to capture these things in the best quality avalible to me, I find using my dslr much more rewarding than say using a camera phone the detail and tone cappable of being capture with these camera phones seems some what lacking for my taste.  Camera phones definatly have there place and are a great tool for documenting and scouting locations or capturing a spare of the moment where the main camera isn't avalible, 

What do you think ? 

Untill next time